» 5 Techniques to Make Sure Self-Sabotaging Behaviors Don’t Block You From A Brighter Future

  • Claire Algarme

    Another inspiring post from you. I hope more people, young and old alike, will be able to read your blog so that they can learn from your articles.

    • http://www.petezafra.com Pj Zafra

      Feel free to share! :-) That’s my goal…to spread my messages and inspire other people. I’m glad you found this post valuable, Claire.

  • Fred Erick

    This post is pretty motivating. I love reading articles like this, because they inspire. Thanks for sharing.

    • http://www.petezafra.com Pj Zafra

      I’m glad to hear you found this post valuable Fred. My goal is to motivate and inspire. :-) You can subscribe to this blog and get emailed whenever there’s a brand new post.

  • Pooja Kawatra Gupta

    What a beautiful and inspiring post. Love reading the words and can relate to them.

    • http://www.petezafra.com Pj Zafra

      I’m very happy to hear you found this post valuable. :-)

  • http://www.growingupmadison.com Amanda Love

    Those are really all great tips especially meditating. I need to meditate a lot more. I don’t put myself down but sometimes I don’t believe in myself enough. Time to stop doubting me.

    • http://www.petezafra.com Pj Zafra

      I’m glad you found this post valuable, Amanda. Well doubting and not believing in yourself is a form of putting yourself down. Definitely time to stop it. :-) Thanks for dropping by.

  • http://francramon.com/ Franc Ramon

    Focus is really important in reaching your goals. You really need to take it a step at a time and learn to appreciate the little milestones.

    • http://www.petezafra.com Pj Zafra

      Right on! Thanks for dropping by, Franc.

  • Shubhada Bhide

    I think I do have some traits of self-sabotage! It is needed that we learn to be focused and celebrate the achievements of small goals to move ahead towards bigger ones.

    • http://www.petezafra.com Pj Zafra

      I’m glad you found this post valuable. :-)

  • Tiffany Yong

    Reward yourself too! Not with big stuff, but with a pat on your back when you accomplished something! It will help in the long run!

    • http://www.petezafra.com Pj Zafra

      The smallest things always make the biggest differences. A simple pat on the back goes a long way. We have to be proud of ourselves and our accomplishments.

  • http://www.thevampirequeendiaries.info/ Mai C.

    Beautiful reminder! That’s all so true, it’s tough when you’re the one causing blocking yourself from success because more often than not, we’re not aware that we’re doing it.

    • http://www.petezafra.com Pj Zafra

      I’m glad you found this post valuable, Mai. :-)

  • dmhyf

    #2 is the most important reminder. We usually think we are not good enough (well, at least most of us). As long as we know we did our very best, we should be confident for its success. – Fred

    • http://www.petezafra.com Pj Zafra

      I agree with you Fred. One of my mentors, Art Williams, said “All you can do is all you can do, however, all you can do is enough.”. As long as we give 100%, we should be proud. If it didn’t work out, now we have become wiser because we’ve learned one more way that does not work. On to the next step.

  • http://fashion.bhushavali.com/ Bhushavali

    Success or failure or love or celebration or depression – its all in our own hands…

    • http://www.petezafra.com Pj Zafra

      True! How we react to things…it’s all on us.

  • Maerose JS

    I love the last tip and it’s usually what I do. The first four are easier said than done, to be honest! ;) Good luck and cheers to the bright future we all deserve!

    • http://www.petezafra.com Pj Zafra

      Oh nothing worth having in life ever comes easy. I’m fully aware that it’s easier said than done but I would rather share the truth rather than share your typical broad tips. lol

      Good luck and more power to you! :-)

  • Pushkal Pandey

    That is some real good piece if writing. I agree with all the 5 points. Your believes in yourself creates path to your destiny.

    • http://www.petezafra.com Pj Zafra

      Thank you! I’m glad you found this post valuable. I appreciate your feedback. Thank you for dropping by.

      P.S. You can subscribe to this blog and get notified for every brand new post.

  • Kelly Chin

    Agree, everything is in our hand. We must choose happiness and move on with life no matter how many obstacles we might face.

    • http://www.petezafra.com Pj Zafra

      Yes, very true Kelly. We have more control over our lives than we realize.

  • TweenselMom

    Thanks for all these reminders. Putting yourself down really doesn’t help and celebrating small accomplishments will do perfect for me.

    • http://www.petezafra.com Pj Zafra

      You’re welcome. I’m glad you found these tips valuable. :-) Thanks for dropping by!

  • http://www.mommyroxi.com Mommy Roxi

    Yes to all 5 but more importantly, #4! We need to get off our butts and work hard. If we’re too comfortable, that’s when things go down.

    • http://www.petezafra.com Pj Zafra

      Nothing good ever comes from settling. We need to constantly grow.

      I’m glad you found this post valuable. Thanks for dropping by. :-)

  • http://www.childish-paroles.com Sin Yee

    These are useful tips. Thanks for sharing!

    • http://www.petezafra.com Pj Zafra

      You’re very much welcome! Thank you for dropping by.

  • Rochkirstin Santos

    Thanks for these reminders. Actually I really need to focus now on what I have to do and keep a more positive mindset to block off negative thoughts.

    • http://www.petezafra.com Pj Zafra

      You’re very much welcome. I’m glad this post helped you out.

      What helped me a lot is I started reading more books that spread positive energy. It also helps that having a positive mindset does not mean that you don’t have any negative thoughts at all. It simply means that when negative thoughts arise, you don’t let those thoughts take over your life.

  • http://www.arisachow.com/ Arisa Chow

    All this time without realizing I’m actually self sabotaging, thanks for making me realize that. Great read to snap me out of this cycle and to get back up on my feet

    • http://www.petezafra.com Pj Zafra

      I’m really happy to hear I helped you out Arisa. :-) Such an inspiring feeling knowing that someone found value in your works. I appreciate it. More power to you and stay strong! :-)

  • Pal Raine

    Definitely right, whatever achievements you receive ..celebrate it with pride! After all its you yourself made it.

    • http://www.petezafra.com Pj Zafra

      Right on! Thanks for dropping by. :-)

  • Jeypi Kyu

    such great tips.. i totally agree with you.. :)

    • http://www.petezafra.com Pj Zafra

      Thank you Jeypi. Glad you liked this post. :-)

  • Earth’s Attractions

    Great tips. And, speaking about the last item, yes, it’s always important to acknowledge what we’ve managed to do, it’s important to celebrate!

    • http://www.petezafra.com Pj Zafra

      I’m glad you found this post helpful. :-)

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  • Mark Newsome

    Very well said PJ!

    And your five techniques, will definitely help us to stop being
    are own worst enemy.

    Thanks for sharing the information about Napolean Hills book, because I
    had not previously heard of it!

    You have shared some extremely practical advice! Thanks!

    • http://www.petezafra.com Pj Zafra

      Hey there Mark, you’re very much welcome. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed this post and got some value. Thank you for dropping by.

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