What Is Traffic?

Traffic is absolutely critical for an online business. Without it, all you'll experience is struggle and consistent failure. If you know how to create traffic, which is a million dollar skill, then you have the ability to create income on demand. 

Traffic can be simply summed up as clicks. When someone clicks on a link, instantly that creates traffic. A link is specifically directing someone to a page in the internet. It should be your goal to get as many eyes on you as possible.

Problem is, it's a known fact that 95% of the people with online businesses struggle because of the lack of traffic. It's either they don't know what to do or they aren't consistent enough with applying traffic generation strategies. Here's the good part, what I'm about to share with you today is absolutely the best information out there. Why? Because it's up to date (unlike other programs where they keep selling products from years ago even if it's outdated), it's made 13 millionaires and several six and five figure earners (myself included) and it's updated weekly through training calls, webinars and hangouts.

My Top Traffic Generation Strategies

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Email Newsletter
  • Solo Ads
  • Blogging
  • Traffic Agencies
  • SEO
  • Banner Media
  • Social Media
  • Content Syndication
  • Video Marketing
  • Offline Strategies (word of mouth is a good example)

I obvoiously can't explain each strategy in-depth right now. I can however point you towards that resource I was talking about. This is my personal training valut that will explain and go in-depth with each strategy. With this information, you can go out there, create traffic on demand and make money.

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This is definitely one of the most important tools for an online marketer. It's like the magazine bullets for a soldier, a toothbrush for a dentist and shoes for an athlete. If you want to go anywhere at all by using the internet, you need to have your very own autoresponder software to store your leads, build relationships, keep connected, generate leads and create more sales.

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Without an autoresponder, you're basically just giving yourself a hard time. You're losing potential customers, leaving a heck of a lot of money on the table and leaving your success exposed meaning it can all disappear in no time only because you don't have an autoresponder. It's that critical!

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Are You The Living Dead???

"We all die in the end but there's no reason to die in the middle."

In my last post, I was talking about how amazing crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin was. I even mentioned how he lived a full life despite his tragic death at age 44. You can read this post here.

The reason why I'm talking about Steve Irwin again is because death happened at the end of his life. Sounds a bit off and confusing because it's pretty obvious death happens at the end. The answer is yes and no. Yes, because that's how life is. There's literally no amount of fame or fortune that can change that reality. It's also No because not everyone dies only at the end. There are people who die in the middle of their life. These are the people who die within. There are people who literally murder their dreams, goals and ambitions because they fear society and give in to the pressure.

Saying Good Bye When You Really Shouldn't...Yet!

The worst thing we could ever do is give up on life and waste time being all sad and depressed. You should be happy right now! Why? I'll tell you why...your heart is beating and you know how to read! Not everyone can sleep well with that thought you know.

No matter how old you are, it's important to cherish and value life. News like hearing what Robin Williams did to himself is just sad. He was living life but dying on the inside every single day and decided that it was time to do the same with his outside life.

Is dying on the inside daily something that you experience often? If so, it's about time to do something about it.

NO! Hell no! I'm not gonna say what you think I'm gonna say. I'm not gonna tell you to take Xanax or Zoloft or any of that useless garbage. 

Here's what I'm gonna tell you...

Open your eyes, surround yourself around positive people (You can start here.), smile, look around you and embrace it, make new friends, go out and have fun, do a good deed for someone, tell someone you love them, hug someone, kiss someone, whatever it may be...do something that creates fulfillment in your life. 

Fulfillment is an art. It's not a Science. Science has all their terms and processes. Everything is ALWAYS the same. This however does not apply with art. 

You can show 2 people a painting and you could get 2 different opinions on it. One may think it's a piece of garbage and the other might see it as a master piece. The same applies with fulfillment. We're all different which means what makes me happy may not make you happy.

That's why it's important to include your passions and integrate them into your daily lives. You need to be excited! You need to try something new! Being old doesn't exist! Being boring and lame does! Just have fun with life. Stop dying every single day when in reality...

...NOW is the time to live!

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Steve Irwin Tribute R.I.P. - Here's To A Man Who Lived A FULL Life


"You can't choose how long you will live, but you can choose how well you live."


I got mad respect for Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. If you don't know who he is, then I highly recommend you check out one of his videos. Just looking at this man's eyes you can see the excitement, joy and passion. 

What did he do for a living? Well, it's one of the most dangerous jobs ever. He takes care of crocodiles no matter how big they are, he picks up deadly snakes, turantulas, etc. In short, Steve loved wild life. He loves animals and takes care of them. No matter how dangerous they are, he loves them and he does everything in his power to show it even if it meant putting his life at risk every single day. He didn't care because that was his passion and his passion is exactly what left this forever lasting legacy on this world. His energy and excitement...watching it is simply...infectous.

He lived a FULL Life

Steve is a perfect example of a man who lived a full life. He died at the age of 44. Some of you may be thinking that he left this world too soon. How can he have lived a full life? Well here's my answer...every single day, he lived the way he wanted to. He absolutely loved what he did. He didn't live a long life, but with the time given to him on this earth, he sure did make the most out of it. Some people who are the exact same age as him when he left this world haven't even experienced anything awesome because they're scared of stepping forward.

Honestly, it's sad to know that there are so many people today living life without actually living. They're like teeny weeny robots. They all dress alike, think alike, look alike, talk alike...you know what I mean; modern society. Because of this, not everyone gets to live their life is an awesome and special way. This breaks my heart. It's like in some places, it's almost illegal to follow your dreams and make something of yourself because literally everyone will go against that idea. I know exactly how that feels because that's what happened to me. The people closest to you are the one's who are determined to bring you down. (They didn't though because I found this.)

Here's the truth, you can work out, eat healthy and eliminate all bad habits in your life, but that won't guarantee you live a long life. It also won't guarantee that you'll live an awesome life. Now don't get me wrong. Working out, eating healthy and not having bad habits is critical in one's life. It can determine and even alter one's lifespan but that alone won't guarantee a long life. That's why we need to make the most out of every second. Make sure that adrenaline natually flows within your veins making you extremely passionate, excited and happy with your life. (This is what gets my blood flowing and excited!)

We're all capable of an amazing life that will touch others. Question is, are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and make that happen? If you're NOT ready, then DO NOT click the link below.

Click here NOW if you're ready to live an amazing life!

The Lao Tzu Experience


The Lao Tzu Experience


"If you are depressed, you are living in the past. 

If you are anxious, you are living in the future.

If you are at peace, you are living in the present."

- Lao Tzu


Some of you may know who Lao Tzu is, some may not. I won't get deep into who he is all I can say is that he's a brilliant man full of life changing wisdom to share with the world.

It doesn't get any clearer than this. Lao Tzu really nailed it. Honestly, before reading this, I never truly understood the difference between anxiety and depression. The moment I read this, I realized what it is. I looked myself in the mirror and evaluated myself. I then realized that the reason I was depressed was because I can't accept the past. I can't accept that it's long gone and never again to be experienced or seen. I also realized that sometimes, I can't sleep at night because I'm always anxious on what tomorrow will be about. Will it be a day of happiness or a day of depression? In short, I was disoriented and panicking 24/7. I was focused on getting through the day so I wouldn't have to bare any more painful thoughts and experiences.

The Mental Breakthrough

That exact moment, I saw everything that was wrong in my life. Because of that, I had to take immediate action to fix it or else I'd be wasting time drifting into the abyss. I had to work on myself so I could not only be the best version of myself but also so I can help others do the same. (Here's how I help other people change their lives. Click here.

I realized that in order for me to literally break state and snap out of my current mental ditch, I had to learn how to control my thoughts and feed my subconscious mind with positive and empowering extremely vivid images. Images that can serve me and help me turn unstoppable. What Lao Tzu said opened my eyes and got me working towards appreciating and embracing the value of NOW

There's no better time to do amazing things and live than...NOW! It's our responsibility to embrace the moment and make the most of it because like it or not, time is our most valuable asset. No matter how rich or famous you are, no fancy clothes, toys, cars, homes or money can buy you more time. Are you really willing risk that for something so useless? Time is worth way more than that.

Here's what you need to stop in order to enjoy the NOW...

Embracing the moment may sound easier said than done considering our different backgrounds and circumstances however believe me when I say this..."You Can Do This!".

Here's what you need to stop doing...NOW in order to turn things around:

1.) Getting stuck looking into the past without using the past as a learning experience.

The past can be the hardest teacher ever. It can either destroy us or make us stronger. It's important to not get stuck drifting or even paralyzed because of what happened in the past. Remember...whatever happened happened! It stays there so move on and learn from it. All you need to focus on is becoming a better person now than you were yesterday. Not the other way around.

2.) Focusing on things you regret not doing

This can be avoided. How? Man up and just do it! No matter how scary it may be, just do it. YOLO (You Only Live Once) is what everyone says these days, right? As long as you're not doing anything illegal, dangerous or stupid then you're good to go. Just dive in and enjoy the feeling of doing something new!

3.) Worrying

This is the most useless and time wasting thing anyone can ever do. Being a worrier, not a warrior, will never get you anywhere. You know why? Because the thing you're worrying about does not exist...at least not yet. It starts with you planting an image within your subconscious mind, then you feed it with emotion and meaning which will then make that image 100x more detailed and scarier than it was before. Next thing you know, you're crippled by that image because it seems and feels more realistic than ever. 

Here's how to cure worry...

1.) Trust in your abilities (If you're prepared, then why worry? You're only underestimating yourself. Be confident!) Click here because I believe you can do amazing things.

2.) Stop focusing on the outcome. Literally anything can be fixed by closely monitoring the present and applying the proper modifications or changes.

3.) With every problem, there is a solution. That solution is YOU.

4.) Trust in the process. (It takes time. Know it and realize it.)

5.) Don't hang around with negative people. You're better than that.

6.) Just have fun with life. Don't let worry mess things up for you.

Life is a gift. It's the most special thing to ever been given to us. It doesn't get any better than this. Just have fun with it! Do special things. Give back to the community. Smile and make others smile. Be the person who could change a life with a simple sentence just like how Lao Tzu completely changed my outlook.

You ready? I know you can do this!

Click here now, start an awesome journey towards self-growth and discovery. Make amazing things happen in your life now!

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