The Formula To Bouncing Back In Life & Coming Back Better Than Ever!

"It's in the darkest moments where one can experience a breakthrough. Have faith in yourself and in your abilities!"


If you've hit rock bottom, there's no other direction to go but up. Hitting rock bottom can be a humbling experience. It can open your eyes and see the light when you're living in darkness. 

The only person that can get you out of the dump is no other but yourself. This is reality. This is the real world. There's no one out there to give you what you need without any reason at all in order to save you. In order to completely turn your life around, it starts with working on yourself.

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You hit rock bottom for a reason and that reason is because the old YOU isn't capable of success. Odds are, the old you never possed the winning attitude or the drive to succeed. Instead of having habits that reap success, what you've possessed were vices that destroy. 

Everything that has happened is in the past and it's best to leave it there. Learn from it instead of dreading from it. Be determined to become a better person. Transform yourself and you will see the world transform right in front of your eyes. Like I said, it's a humbling journey full of epiphanies. You get to see and realize things that most people take forgranted. You get to appreciate what you do have and work harder on the stuff that you don't have.

Here's how to turn things around...

Work on yourself!

Read books, listen to audios, attend workshops, seminars and surround yourself around positive and influential individuals. (You can do that here.) This is the proven formula to getting out of the ditch. It's all about creating personal growth and progress. It's about learning and embracing a new philosophy on life which will enable you to see and experience life exactly how the wealthy and great do.

The dark moments in life are meant to teach you and strengthen you; not break you. Once you come out the other side and finally step into the light... have transformed into a new and better YOU!

Remember, for every challenge, there is always a solution and that solution is within you. It's just up to you to stand up, stop being lazy and work towards a better life. It's time to add color into your life and stop the boring old routine!

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My mentor, Jim Rohn says it best...

"Success is not to be pursued, it is to be attracted by the person you become."

Boy oh boy is that statement super duper true. You see, not everyone is capable of success. Not everyone can handle it as well. There is a time and moment for success to happen and that's when your skills, knowledge and talents are at their peak.

Success isn't like the lottery. It's not something you can rely solely on luck; it's work. Success is an opportunity to take your life and your adventures to the next level and that takes a lot of work mostly on yourself.

If someone succeeds too early, one misses out on the important lessons and personal transformation secrets that they can discover. Because of that, success isn't valued or embraced. That person's life ends up a total disaster. We have certain celebrities and athletes to prove that statement true. Success is a journey and a process. You need to commit to it if you want to succeed. Most importantly, it takes time. How long? It depends on how much you need and want it.

The key to a strong and successful life is personal growth. This is how we can grow and create progress in our lives. It's what can make things exciting even when the moments have long passed. It's what can ignite our passions and add tons of different colors in our lives. Without growth, life is boring and dull. Try picturing a couch potato watching tv all day. Ugh?! Right? Now...imagine being able to travel the world, share your story and inspire other people to live the way it's supposed to. Does that get your heart pumping? If it does, then this is something you need to check out. Click here.

You can do it! I know it! How can I be so sure? Everyone has this amazing power within them just waiting to be awakened. The problem is, most people either doesn't know it exists or allow it to keep sleeping. Wake up!

Make amazing things happen!

There is GREATNESS within you!

Let's get on this amazing journey together!

"Don't ask why it's not working for you. Ask how you can make it work for you."

Anything negative...complaining...whining...and seeing the bad in things is a key unlocking a life of sadness and depression. This is the ultimate formula to a sad and destructive lifestyle. It can open doors to vices like alcoholism, drugs, laziness and many more.

Everyone has within them the key to living a fulfilling life. Everyone has dreams and goals, but not everyone embraces them. 

Instead of wasting time and energy on the negative side of life, see the beauty around you and embrace the heck out of it. Too much of positive energy is not bad at all. Too much of negative energy however is an infectuous disease.

The problems and challenges in life is what adds color to our lives. It's what makes us all unique and strong. It's what can inspire us to do great things.

For every problem, there is always a solution and it starts within YOU. Instead of being an ass complaining why things are not working out for you, turn the whole damn point of view and ask yourself this... 

"What can I do to make things work? How can I make things work out?"

See the difference? That simple question alone opens a door to a solution. Your key to fulfillment in life.

Instead of harboring and nurturing the victim mindset, embrace the victor mindset or the winner mindset who stops at...NOTHING! 

There is always a solution! It is your duty to unlock it. There is information everywhere that can be easily accessed within seconds these days. It's up to you to be resourcesful and reach out to it.

There is GREATNESS within you! Whatever anyone else says different, just mentally flick them off and continue working towards greatness! 

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Struggle is a part of life. Every single person throughout the history of mankind have experienced different struggles in life. Like I said "It's normal and it's a part of life". Struggle can actually be a good thing. Here's why: it makes us realize that we need to take control of our life, we become a better person in the process and once we've conquered defeat...we come out a brand new stronger, wiser and more skilled of an individual. We turn into a...


If you want to turn your life around, start by changing the way you think. Negative thoughts will subconsciously produce negative outcomes. If you're thinking negatively, there isn't any confidence, faith or belief present as you're taking action. That's a recipe for disaster!

If you act while your mind is harboring powerful positive thoughts, you act as if you've already succeeded. A new YOU is born. You've unlocked the "Winner Attitude". You've become unstoppable!

Life is awesome and time sure does pass by super fast. No matter how rich or famous one is, we can never get more time. Don't waste it being sad, miserable or depressed.

There's so much to be happy and thankful for in your life! Embrace it!

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How To Get Unstuck In Life


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Getting stuck in life is a part of the process.

Everyone goes through challenges and obstacles. 

The most fulfilling feeling ever is being able to move past these challenges and obstacles and come out a new person.

It's a known fact that once we conquer an obstacle, we've gone through the process of doing whatever it takes which means that we've personally transformed.

All of a sudden, we know more, we're better, we're stronger and more skilled.

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