Become What You Believe!

You know my buddy, Jay Gatsby, right? He's famous from the book/movie "The Great Gatsby" famously written by F. Scott Fritzgerald. He was played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie. 


Ever since I started my journey to entrepreneurship, I've been constantly being told and reminded about the power of our mind. How things can literally turn 180 degrees just by believing in ourselves. 

My friends, believing in ourselves is the key to success. When we believe in ourselves, we unlock our true potential (you may not even know about it), our mind's creative power starts flowing naturally and the way we take action is like never before. In short, it's like we unlock a new and improved version of ourselves.

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Screw what anybody else has to say!

What anybody else has to say about you doesn't matter. I covered it thoroughly in my last blog post "The Cost Of Buying Into Other People's Crap" here. In fact, it doesn't create as big as an impact in your life at all. What creates a major impact is what you say to yourself because what you say to yourself is what you'll eventually believe especially if you say it constantly.

So let me ask you...

Are you telling yourself the right things? Are you talking to yourself with confidence, respect and faith or are you talking shit? If you're talking shit, here's what you do, look yourself in the mirror and frown. Then pull the middle finger up and flip it off. (I'm serious!) It's all about saying goodbye to the old you and welcoming a brand new YOU!

Here's the next step...look away for 5 seconds and look back. Look back with energy and a smile. Smile as hard as you can in front of the mirror and say "I love you (insert your name here). It's absolutely impossible to be pissed or angry at yourself by doing this method. You'll end up laughing at yourself which is actually good! 

Keep in mind, if you love hanging out with yourself then odds are, other people will too. The moment you switch gears and believe in yourself, you will unconsciously rub off your positive energy to others who may need your presence to help change their lives as well. That's what happened when I clicked this link and watched this video.

Start now!

Believe in yourself! Surround yourself around achievers. Surround yourself around positive energy. Don't ever settle and most importantly...don't ever underestimate or undervalue yourself. We're all important and special in our own ways. That's what makes us beautiful and unique!

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How To Be RICH Even If You're Currently Dead Broke [Life Changing!]

"Start looking through the eyes of faith. See yourself prospering, and keep that image in your heart and mind. You may be living in poverty at the moment, but don't ever let poverty live in you." - Joel Osteen

Our minds can be our most powerful vehicle when it comes to changing things in our lives. It too however can also be our powerful weapon of mass destruction. The thoughts and images that we play in our minds is what determines how we feel about things. The more detailed the images, the stronger the emotions that come with it.

Let me ask you...

...are the images that play in your mind empowering you or depressing the shit out of you?

With today's society, it's so easy to fall prey to depression and pain. That's why it's absolutely critical that we surround ourselves around the right people. The type that bring us up, not down. It's about time we STOP the victim mindset. Everything happens for a reason and guess what, it's not only happening to you so stop saying life is unfair. Surround yourself around people who take life as it is and create solutions around their problems. These are the people with the winner's mindset. (Check out this community full of winners for example! You can join us but know this...we DON'T tolerate negativity. If you're a negative prick, don't click this.)

A lot of people struggle every single day. One of the most common struggles is the lack of financial resources. A lot of us have been there, but do you think you can get out of that shit hole if you're all depressed and crap? Nope! You're digging yourself a deeper hole. The key to getting out of any situation is...faith!

Even when times are bad you need to play the right images and carry the right thoughts. If you believe that you can't get yourself out of a situation, your body will believe it as well. Without even trying, you're already setting yourself up for failure. When you believe in yourself and have faith, it's like you discover a new YOU. It's like you're excited, full of adrenaline and extremely pumped up to take massive action. It feels as if...you're unstoppable!

Now if you're currently broke, don't feel sorry for yourself. Learn from it and don't let that shit live in you! If you're paying rent for a place to live in (odds are, you are), then you should kick the shit out of negative thoughts for living rent free in your mind and calling all the shots. Being broke is no excuse for not enjoying life. Even rich people get depressed and they got all the money they want even more than they need. The power is in the thoughts and your faith in them. For every problem, there is always a solution. Nothing is permanent! Click here to see how I make money online and how you can too!


Have faith in yourself and experience richness in life all around you!

Join me in this journey and let's enjoy what life has to offer as a community!


The Cost Of Buying Into Other People's Crap

"When you buy into people's opinions, you buy into their lifestyle."

Ever since the start of time, going after your dreams always comes at a huge cost and risk. The reason why is because society has always been against it. Society has always taught us to do what we're supposed to: go to school, get a degree, get a job and be able to finally retire by the age of 65. 

Well, times are changing and that doesn't work anymore. People who follow that end up being victims. We hear and see it everywhere. I see a 70+ year old guy working nightshifts at CVS. Do you think that's what he wanted in life? I can't help but feel bad for that guy. That NEVER happens here. Look for yourself.


The problem is...

...everyone has dreams, but not everyone has the guts to fulfill it. They're scared to take action because they fear what others may think or say (a.k.a. opinions or useless crap). Truth is, everyone is capable for massive success in life. It's just not everyone reaches out to it.

Here's the reality folks, no matter what you do in life, there will ALWAYS be 2 sides of the coin, the positive and the negative. You decide to become a doctor, one side will say I believe in you or I'm happy you're making this decision and the other side will say you don't have the intelligence to be a doctor or I have a feeling this guy will drop out mid way. Controlling what other people say is like trying to take over the world. It's impossible! This is the only circumstance where impossible literally means impossible. 

If you're to control and react to everything people say, you're going to go crazy! Literally! 

Guess What...

What other people have to say about you doesn't matter at all! It's your life and it's up to you to live it by your rules. You're all grown up. You have the power and the choice to make your own decisions. You may think other people have the power over you but that's not true. You're just listening and giving more priority to their voice instead of yours.

I guarantee that if you decide to live someone else's life simply because you want other people to be happy, you will end up miserable and full of regrets. It's gonna suck big time. You wouldn't want that, right? You're gonna realize that you never lived life at all. You don't know who you are and you're lost. You'll realize that all this time, you've been living your parent's life or your teacher's life or your uncle and aunt's life, etc.

Man up! It's time to embrace life. Life is a different experience for each person. Work on your story and it may be the spark that inspires someone to follow their dreams. Life is more than what your eyes see.

Ignore what others have to say. Use it as a fuel get even more passion and inspiration to do even far more greater things. Life is a beautiful journey and I promise you, you'll discover things about yourself that you never even knew existed. 

Ready to take on this awesome journey?

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This may sound a bit complicated but it's never been this easy. This is one of the most critical tools for your online business. Without this, you're losing tons of potential customers daily! With this tool, you can have the same person buy multiple products or services from you instead of one person buying something from you and being gone forever.

In order to keep people in your circle, you need a capture mechanism or what we can simply call a capture page. Here's an example of a capture page.

With a capture page, you instantly have the ability to capture your prospect's information and let them go through an automated sales process. With their information, you have the power to follow up and create a relationship with them. Ain't that awesome? 

There are a lot of ways wherein you can create your own personal capture pages. It's super simple. There's 2 ways. 

#1 you can hire someone on Odesk or Fiverr to create one for you.

#2 you can use a tool like the one I use to create capture pages within minutes.

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Click here to watch Part 2

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Here's something really important to keep in mind.

Do not look for the offer that will make you the most money. Instead, look for a product or a service that WILL help as many people as possible. 

When you help people, they will appreciate your efforts. They will also start believing and trusting you which will create your following. The concept here is help others to help yourself. When people see that you genuinely care and you're authentic, they will join you in any business and buy anything and everything from you even if they have no idea what it's about. They will do that all because they believe in you and most importantly, they trust you.

Now another important aspect of your offer is knowing your market and your product. Let's face it, not everyone is fit for your product or service. So when you market to everybody, truth is, you're marketing to nobody. You need to picture out exactly what your ideal prospect and customer is. The more geo-targeted, the better.

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If you already have an offer...

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Click here to watch yesterday's video. [Part 1]

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